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Prompt Stump Removal Services

Get tidier yards with Northwest Stump Grinding in Damascus, Oregon. We are a veteran-owned company that offers stump removal and cleanup using modern tree stump grinder equipment. In addition, we also do parking lot striping. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, you can always expect quick and efficient services from us.


Stump Removal

Our stump removal service includes grinding the stump from 12" to 2," depending on the machine we use. After taking out the stump, you have the option of either leaving the resulting hole as is or have it filled with soil. We provide a hands-on and meticulous service you won't find anywhere else. You'll see our company's owner work on the task from start to finish.

Benefits of Stump Removal

Proper stump removal ensures that you have a safer yard because it eliminates potential tripping hazards. This also makes your yard more aesthetically pleasing and allows you to replant trees or grass with greater ease. A lot of customers replant new trees so they can maintain the tree cover of their area.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you encounter any replanting issues after your stumps have been removed, we can come back and take care of any missed roots. Just because we finish for the day doesn't mean we're finished with your yard. If there are any extra issues, we will take care of them. Rates depend on the time of year and the services needed. Call or email us for your free estimate.

Tree Debris Removal

Besides removing stumps, we also clean up the resulting debris as an added on-site service. This comes at a small additional cost. The benefit of this is that you don't have to contact and wait for a second company to do the extra work. This service is perfect even if you just need to remove tree limbs that have fallen after you finish cutting down a tree.